Custom Shadow Boxes: Do You Have Memorabilia You'd Love To Display?

Suppose you have a precious item such as a signed baseball, artwork, medal, or trinket. In that case, you may want to showcase it where it is visible. Although there are numerous ways of displaying these sentimental objects, nothing comes close to using a custom shadow box. These glass-enclosed cases are what you need for that and more, including protecting priceless heirlooms from being affected by humidity, dust particles, and scratching. Plus, there are numerous shadow box designs you can use on your custom product, making it incredibly appealing and thought-provoking. Some of these designs are outlined below.

1. Military Shadow Box

If you served in the military, you played a crucial role in defending your country and its interest. Plus, your service may have taken you to exotic places, allowing you to meet new people and revel in foreign cultures. If that is so, you likely returned with a few keepsakes and memorabilia that remind you of the good and trying times. These include uniforms, buckles, badges, photos, awards, insignia, medals, and more. All of these should be on proud display. That is why you should buy a quality custom military design shadow box to display the items you treasure.

2. Baby Shadow Box

A baby shadow box is a smaller display case designed for your little one. You can also gift it to a friend expecting a baby. This type of shadow box is ideal for displaying baby clothes and shoes, among other memorabilia. You can also use it to mark and commemorate different stages in your kid's life, such as the first time they joined a soccer team by displaying the first cleats they wore. On the other hand, you can use a newborn shadow box to showcase items that remind you of when you welcomed your loved ones, including the hospital ID, birth announcement, first hat, or going-home outfit.

3. Wedding Shadow Box

Marriage is a crucial phase that marks the beginning of a life-long commitment and starting a family. That is why you should ensure this moment is unforgettable and relived at every possible moment. Fortunately, you can do that by exhibiting items like wedding photos, invitation cards, or the shell you collected on your honeymoon, which reminds everyone of this wonderful moment. The best display case for such memorabilia is a custom-made wedding shadow box. You can get this type of case from a manufacturer that customizes them using colors that resonate with your wedding theme. If they can include a few flowers too, all the better. 

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