The Problem With Traditional Gutters And The New Alternative That Lasts Far Longer

Gutters are an essential part of your home water management, as without them your walls, windows, and doors would all get drenched in the overflow of rainwater from your roof. Gutters have been part of most buildings' designs for hundreds of years, and yet it is only recently that innovation has made them even more efficient and durable. The main problem with traditional gutters is their weak point: the connective areas between different lengths of guttering. Now, seamless gutters offer a better alternative that does not have as many weak points. Here is a brief explanation as to why that is important. 

Traditional Guttering

The material used to make gutters has changed a lot over the last few hundred years, but the actual technique and design in manufacturing haven't.  Different lengths of guttering would be measured out to fit the required area, and then they would all be joined together, often with nails or, more recently, by fitting into the grooves of one another. These areas where different parts of your gutter meet could have bumps, ridges, divets, or other changes to the otherwise-flat gutter bottom. That presents a problem for twigs and other garden waste getting caught and starting a blockage, as well as an overall weak point that often eroded first.

Seamless Gutters

The solution seems obvious: simply make the guttering one single piece. The only problem was that the manufacturing technology wasn't there to mass-produce seamless gutters like that, but now it definitely is. Seamless gutters are custom-measured to your roof, do not allow for the easy buildup of anything inside of them, and look much cleaner and more thought out. If your old guttering is starting to leak, or you have to get up and empty it out of all the branches and leaves that get stuck in it, you should consider seamless gutters.

Seamless Gutters Installation

While installing past types of guttering was relatively simple, as you could adjust how many pieces you need as you go, seamless gutters installation requires a lot more precision. Do not try to install this guttering yourself, or you may end up damaging it in the process. Moving a large single piece is no simple task, especially when it is high off the ground. Seamless gutters installation often comes part and parcel of the deal when you simply buy the gutters, but always make sure to check the full details of what you are buying before you sign anything.  

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