4 Questions To Ask When Hiring A Junk Removal Service

Whether you are clearing out a relative's home or helping someone remove themselves from a hoarding situation, a junk removal service can provide valuable help for your project. When looking for junk removal companies, you want to make sure the one you choose offers all the services you need. Asking the right questions can help you find the right team to help with your job. Here are some questions to ask before you hire a junk removal company.

1. What Can't Be Moved? 

Some companies can haul away everything, including the kitchen sink, while others have restrictions on the sizes and weights of items. If you know you'll need to have heavy appliances hauled away, be sure to ask this in advance. You may find that the only restrictions are for hazardous materials, which can be helpful if you have a large cleaning project ahead of you. If the company can't move some of your items, you may want to also ask for referrals for where you can take these items yourself.

2. Do You Handle Recycling And Donations?

A junk removal project can, unfortunately, lead to a lot of items being sent to a landfill. However, a good junk removal company can mitigate this issue by donating usable items to charity and sending other items away for recycling. Ask about the company's recycling and donations policies and be sure to also ask if you need to separate the junk to accommodate these programs. Some companies may do the sorting for you, while others may require you to create separate piles for each purpose.

3. Do You Offer Staff Assistance?

Big cleaning projects often require a lot of help, and you may find that the job is more than you can handle on your own. Some junk removal services can provide staff to help for an extra fee. Discuss this need as well as the scope of your project so you can determine how many staff members you will need. You'll also need to discuss any potentially hazardous situations in the home you are clearing out. For example, in some hoarding situations, staff will need to wear protective clothing and face masks to help avoid certain health hazards.

4. Where Will Dumpsters Be Placed?

Your junk removal company will likely bring dumpsters to your site to provide a convenient means of disposal. However, you'll need to clear space in the driveway or lawn for the dumpsters. Asking where they will be placed in advance can help you better prepare for their arrival. If permits are needed for dumpster placement, you'll also want to ask if the junk removal company can help you procure them.

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