What You Need When Moving & Storing A Large Mirror

When you have to move and store a large mirror, you want to take the proper precautions to keep the mirror safe while it is being moved and while it is in self storage.

#1 Tape Over the Mirror

First, you are going to want to take clear tape and place it over the mirror. You want to literally put the tape over the surface of the mirror. You can criss-cross the tape in multiple directions to ensure that you cover the entire surface of the mirror with tape. If for some reason the mirror were to get damaged in the move, the tape would ensure that you don't have loose glass everywhere. Additionally, the tape will help hold the mirror in place, which can be really helpful if the mirror is situated inside of a frame.

#2 Wrap It Up with Bubbles

Next, you are going to want to wrap the frame up with bubble wrap. Take bubble warp and cover up the entire surface of the frame, wrapping the bubble wrap around the sides of the frame. Then, put bubble wrap around the back-side of the frame as well. You want to protect the entire frame from jolts and bumps in the moving process, which means you need to wrap the entire mirror, not just the glass side of the mirror.

Add a second layer of bubble wrap to the glass side of the mirror for an extra layer of protection.

#3 Invest in a Mirror Box

Invest in a mirror box. A mirror box is a special type of box. A mirror box is made out of two separate boxes, each with one side left open. A mirror box is designed to be slid over the mirror, with the other part of the box slid over the other side of the mirror, so that the boxes overlap on top of one another. You tape this overlapping area. It sounds complicated, but when you see a mirror box, it just makes sense how the two pieces go together like a lid on a box. The cardboard provides an extra layer of protection that you need.

#4 Label It Well

If you will not be moving the mirror yourself, make sure that it is well labeled. Put "fragile" on the box as well as "glass". If there is a certain way the mirror needs to be orientated to keep it from breaking, label which side is up and which side should be on the ground.

#5 Keep It Secure During the Move

Finally, during the move, keep the mirror secure. It should be placed somewhere in the moving van where it will not move around. It should also be placed somewhere where pressure and weight will not be placed on it.

When moving a large mirror, it is all about the preparation. You want to make sure that you take your time when preparing the mirror to ensure that it doesn't break. Make sure the box is properly labeled, and be sure to secure the mirror during the move and store it upright and in a safe place when you get it to the storage unit. Don't place other items on top of it, and make sure that it stays secure.

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