Tips For Hiring The Right IT Staff

Staffing is challenging no matter what type of position you're trying to fill, but when it comes to recruiting and hiring for IT support positions, these types of roles require more specialized handling and consideration. Especially if you're fairly new to hiring for these types of roles, it's in your best interest to take some time to prepare and ensure that your interview process is focused on helping you find the right candidate, not just a body to fill the seat. Here are a few things to think about as you start your interviews.

Make Sure They Understand The Industry As A Whole

In order for IT staff, especially specialized IT support technicians, to really excel in their positions, they need to have a thorough understanding of the industry in terms of where it is and where it's going. If they can't see the big picture, it's going to be harder for them to adapt and stay on top of the trends that will keep your company on the cutting edge.

One way to evaluate each candidate's understanding is to ask them about what they see as a couple of major trends that are currently relevant to the industry and how they see those trends potentially affecting their role and your company's growth. If they struggle to answer a question like this, you can be pretty sure they aren't grasping the big picture of the IT industry as a whole.

Make Sure They Understand The Role

Sometimes misunderstandings can lead to individuals coming on board in a role that they didn't fully understand, or with expectations that cannot be met. You can avoid confusion like this by asking your candidates up front what they expect the role to entail and what they hope will come from the position.

If the candidate is looking for something more than you can provide or seems to expect that the role is going to be more simplistic than it is, this is the time to settle those misconceptions. That way, you can be sure that you're getting a candidate that is ready to take on the challenge and understands what's ahead.

Make Sure They Can Rise To A Challenge

The IT industry is a dynamic one, and it's one that comes with new and unique challenges every day. Successful IT staff can respond to challenges and things that they don't understand with proper research and initiative.

Ask your candidates about a time in their work history when they were faced with a situation that was new to them, or one they didn't understand, and ask them to explain how they responded to it. You want someone who is proactive and is willing to research what they may not know, as well as recognize exactly WHAT they need to look into to solve a problem. This reduces the risk of staff that becomes paralyzed in the face of a challenge.

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