Keeping Your Washable Air Filter Clean

Many homeowners are surprised to discover that the quality of the air inside their home can leave a lot to be desired. According to experts, the air inside of your home can be anywhere from 2 to 5 times more polluted than the worst air found outdoors. In order to help improve the quality of your home's air, you may choose to install a washable air filter that removes contaminants.

Keeping your washable air filter clean is critical when it comes to ensuring the filter can effectively remove particles from your indoor air. Here are three cleaning tips to keep in mind when maintaining your washable air filter in the future.

1. Determine if your air filter is dirty.

Being able to determine if your air filter is dirty will be a significant help when trying to keep your filter as clean as possible in the future. While an extremely dirty air filter will be obvious due to the buildup of dirt and debris on the surface of the filter, a mildly dirt filter can be harder to spot.

Try removing your air filter and holding it up to a light source. If you can still see the light through the filter, then your washable filter is still clean. If you can't see the light source, then it's time to clean your filter in order to ensure proper performance.

2. Keep the encasement area clean.

Once you have removed your washable filter to give it a good cleaning, you should take the time to clean out the filter's encasement area. Any dirt or debris left behind in the encasement area will contaminate the filter as soon as you replace it, so you should clean out the encasement each time you clean your washable filter.

Use a vacuum with a brush attachment to thoroughly clean the walls of the encasement. This will remove loose dirt and debris and prepare the encasement to help contribute to the cleanliness of your air filter.

3 Invest in a good cleaning kit.

Knowing which products to use when cleaning your washable air filter can be challenging. You don't want to use a harsh chemical cleaner that will damage the delicate fibers of your filter, as this will compromise the filter's ability to remove particles from your indoor air.

Invest in a quality cleaning kit designed for use with washable air filters. These kits will come with all the tools you need to clean your washable filter and restore its performance levels in the future.

Knowing how to keep your washable air filter clean will help you improve your indoor air quality over time. For more tips, contact a local company like Air Filter Cleaner.

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