Highlight These Attributes To Make Your IT-Focused Resume Stand Out

When you approach an IT staffing agency with the hopes of having the agency represent you and find you a job, you want to do all that you can to have your resume stand out. With so many other IT professionals competing for the same jobs as you, a resume that is head and shoulders above your peers will make you more likely to get signed on with the IT staffing agency — and more likely to have your agency representative aggressively market your resume to companies in the area with IT needs. If you can do so honestly, here are some things to make sure you include on your resume.

Troubleshooting Experience

Companies who need to hire IT professionals want the qualified applicants to be adept with troubleshooting. When there's a networking problem or other computer-related issue, employees will quickly turn to the IT department for help. Until the problem is resolved, productivity and even profitability may suffer. Make sure that your resume includes any advanced training that you've received in troubleshooting — for example, perhaps you attended a workshop or earned a certificate in identifying common networking issues. You may also wish to highlight some problems that you've addressed in past jobs.

Security Training

Another key attribute to include on your IT resume is the training you've received in network security. Companies looking for IT professionals rely on these employees to keep their networks safe. A breach could expose customers' financial information, personal data about employees, and other information that could prove to be catastrophic for the company. Being able to demonstrate that you've studied specific security courses is valuable, as is outlining the ways that you've secured the networks of past companies you've worked for.

Technical Know-How

Through much of your resume, you'll be trying to write eloquently to describe the attributes that you possess. At a certain point, you'll want to detail the extent of your technical know-how — and you don't need to worry about trying to form this information into clear sentences. Instead, rely on bullet points to outline each of the technical skills you have. If your skills are diverse, you may wish to group them into different categories. Otherwise, simply listing these skills in alphabetical order is a good idea. Hiring managers will want to be able to quickly browse this list and see that you're competent in the technical issues they need help with, and having the items clearly displayed will make the process easy.

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