Host An Open House At The Animal Rescue Center That You Own And Operate

If you will be hosting an open house at the animal rescue center that you recently purchased and would like to encourage people in the community to drop off donations at the facility that you operate from and prompt them to adopt some of the animals in your care, the following tips will assist with setting up the public event:

Advertise For The Event

Hanging signs or banners in front of the animal rescue center that include the date and time of the open house and a brief description of what guests will experience when they stop by may encourage people to partake in the social event that you are planning. Contact a business that designs advertising materials and set up an appointment to meet with a design specialist from the company.

During the meeting, view samples of fonts, colors, patterns, and pictures that can be added to advertising materials that you choose. After you have purchased signs or banners, hang them in front of the animal rescue center, being sure to secure them to stable items.

Before hanging a banner, insert pieces of twine through the grommet holes that are in the corners of the vinyl before tying the pieces of twine around a fixture on your property. Use strips of tape to secure paper signs to windows or doors. Wooden signs that have a base can be placed directly in front of the animal shelter. 

Provide Detailed Information About Animals And Upcoming Needs

Prepare a list of information about the animals in your care that you would like to present to visitors during the open house. Include details about how each animal was rescued, the approximate age of each critter, any medications or special care that is needed by a specific animal, and the adoption procedures that need to be completed before bringing an animal home. Stress the importance of receiving funds to care for each animal and ensure that they are provided with plenty of food and comfortable accommodations.

On the day of the event, welcome guests to sit in rows of chairs that are directly across from a podium. Stand behind the podium and speak loudly and clearly as you state the information that you have prepared. After the speech, answer questions that any of the attendees have. 

Allow People To Spend Time With Animals

After you have given everyone a rundown on your facility and the animals who are residing there, allow everyone to meet the animals in person. Release animals from cages, one at a time and attach a collar and leash to each one. Encourage people to pet or hold the animals if they would like. After all of the animals have been placed back inside of their cages, provide individuals with additional assistance if they are interested in completing the adopting process.

Check out a website like for more information and assistance. 

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