Use Your Cover Letter To Accomplish These Goals

When you're working on a cover letter that will accompany your resume when you apply for a temporary job, you don't want to make a big mistake that many job hunters make. Your cover letter should highlight some of the relevant details of your resume, but it shouldn't rehash everything. By making your cover letter and resume too similar, the hiring manager reviewing the documents can lose interest and turn his or her attention to the cover letter and resume of another applicant. A better strategy is to make your cover letter an interesting read that includes some other relevant information. Here are some things that this letter should accomplish:

Sharing Of Anecdotes

One or two anecdotes that effectively build on the skills and attributes that you've outlined in your resume can make you into an enticing candidate who gets called in for an interview. The resume isn't the place to share these anecdotes, but the cover letter certainly is. There are a number of different things that you can discuss. For example, you may wish to illustrate the scenario that helped you to earn a promotion in your last job. Whereas your resume can indicate that you were promoted, the cover letter is the perfect venue for providing a few more details about this event.

Relating Your Skills To The Position

Hiring managers love to see applications that have been carefully crafted to address the job description, rather than general applications that include irrelevant details. Before you draft your cover letter for the temporary jobs for hire, you should always read not only the job description but also learn as much about the company as possible. Then, when you write the letter, you can enclose details that showcase the research you've done. These details might not exactly fit on your resume, but will catch the hiring manager's eye as part of your cover letter.

Showcasing Your Personality

Your resume isn't a spot to showcase your personality. While terms such as "team player" might make an appearance in this document, the reality is that they're overly generic and don't tell much about the real you. You can let your personality come through when you're writing your cover letter, though. This is especially the case if the job listing you're applying for is written in an informal or upbeat language. Do your best to show that your personality style will suit the office environment.

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