Using Shipping Materials As Part Of Your Branding Strategy

Once your business has gotten to the point where you're actively shipping your products to customers in different locations, you may be excited about sharing your business with the world. However, if you're like the owners of many small businesses, it's possible that you have not yet realized that your shipping materials can and should be part of your overall branding campaign. The ideas that follow can boost your company's profile anytime you send out a package.

Use Colored Shipping Tubes and Boxes

When people place an order for one of your products, the first thing your customers will see in their mailbox or on their doorstep when the package arrives is the container itself. Using plain brown shipping tubes and boxes is a missed opportunity; instead, splurge on vibrant-colored shipping tubes and boxes. Using color will wake up the senses and get your customers excited that their package has finally arrived. They will know where it came from, which is effective branding.

It's not just your customers who will pay attention to your colored shipping tubes and boxes. The use of color can help your company stand out from the many other packages out there, so at every point along the journey from the warehouse to the customer, drivers, handlers, postal workers and various other people. They are likely to question what your company does, wonder about what's in those colored tubes and boxes and think about ordering from you as well. Be sure you use the colors associated with your logo and other marketing materials.

Use Eco-Friendly Packing Peanuts and Tissue Paper

Tissue paper and packing peanuts might be items that you use on a daily basis to ship your items out. You might not choose to customize these items so that they display your logo, but what you can do is to ensure that the products you're using are nontoxic and otherwise eco-friendly. This information can be very welcome to many buyers, who might be more receptive to your products once they learn that you are taking steps to protect the environment in your business. While this might not be an overt tactic, becoming known as a company who values eco-friendly materials brands your business as one that has appeal to those who are environmentally-conscious.

These suggestions will ensure you remember that even your shipping materials can be excellent tools for branding and raising recognition about your business. Discussing the right materials with local retailers can give you more packaging ideas. For more information, contact companies like Chicago Mailing Tube Co.

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